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Keenan Was a Grammy 2006 Contender
For Best Album & Best Record
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Keenan Baxter started creating songs when he was 14 years old. Now he is
21 and has 10 albums.  Since all of his songs are created on a computer,
the recording quality is digitally mastered input, with no imperfections in
recording quality. His songs have many layers of instruments sometimes
with several sub-harmonies, several melodies, and up to 28 tracks. He has
created anywhere from drum solos to Asian style songs. Keenan started
these songs just out of pure enjoyment and only to satisfy his own creativity.
His sounds are upbeat, easy to listen to but with a little edge. His songs
also  take you to several plateaus  with various instruments added and
removed change your mood.

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Keenan's repertoire of music allows him to play for young and
older audiences alike. Younger audiences that like Rave, Techno &
Dance - Trance. The older audiences that like jazz and
instrumentals like Keenan's New Age and Adult songs.  Keenan
has many goals, one of which is to come up with more vocals to
his songs, and plans to do more performances in 2006.  You"ll sure
be hearing more from this dynamic up-and- coming young artist!
Listen to Keenan's Dance CD: 12 o' Clock
Listen To And Buy His 2006 Grammy
One of Keenan's "pet" projects is creating a Non-Stop
Midevil Opera — which tells a story. He has four songs
finished and produced as non-stop, comprising over
24 minutes to date.
 These 4 songs start off with "Farewell" with soldiers
saying goodbye to their families. Then "Army
Approaches" with the army preparing for battle and
then "Victory" with the battle scene. Finally there is
"Farewell Reprise," where the reality of the battle's
aftermath grabs your emotions and the meaning of life
and death is prevelant. (plus finding the motivation to
continue to fight.)
Three of these songs can be heard by logging on to:
 His next song will be falling in love before "Farewell,"
and gearing up for another battle to take place after
"Farewell Reprise." These songs have been
performed live and were well received. If you listen to
"hold on to your heart" they are extremely
emotional and overpowering.
   Keenan has finished his NEW 2007 Non - Stop
Dance/Rave Mix that starts at 145 BPM and goes
to 160 BPM. This Non - Stop mix will also be a
good cd c
alled"Make Your Heart Pound."
 Most Fitness music is too slow and too
repetitive, and you won't be bored with
Keenan's Rave Version!
  Keenan creates new songs continually,
and recently cut his 10th album. Only four
cds are available on line:
• 12 o’ Clock,
(a 100% dance), and a
• Goth CD,
(100% dark music) and
• KGB-1 -
(both Dance and Urban).
• Crave The Floor - 100% Club - Dance
His "New Age,"   
  "Adult Contemporary" and
"Techo," "Hip Hop" and New Age  CDs are
finished and available for $10 ea. by
via email. Keenan likes Hip Hop,
Rap, Dance, Techno, and House and his
instrumentals combine elements of them
all. His biggest musical influence has been
the music on video games,
This Station Has been playing Keenan's music for 2 years:
Keenan Baxter
12 o' Clock
Album #4
This album is 100%
2005 Airplay:

WJOB, Hammond, In
WEFT, Chicago, IL
KXLU, 88.9, Los Angeles,
WCDB fm 90.9, Albany,
WMPG, 90.9, Portland,
WVGR, 104.1, Grand
Rapids, M
IWMBR, Cambridge,
KBON, Eunice, CA
FM, New Orleans, LA
New York NY
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PoolNew York
Masspool Record Pool•
Soundworks Record
Starfleet Music Pool
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Mad Promotions
Latino Unidos Rec. Pool
KGB - Goth
Album #6
This album is a variety
of Keenan's Dark songs.
Some dance, slow,
urban and trippy.
KGB - New Age
This album is a variety
of Keenan's New Age
Music. Some dance,
slow, and a little trippy
yet mellow.
Listen to Keenan's
Latest Dance cd
"Crave The Floor"
- It's ALL Dance -   
(You won't have to
worry about Skipping
of Songs.)

• Top 40 Worldwide
Indie for "Decent"

• Top 10 Broadjam.
com for "Adaptec
Recommended" -
Drums & Bass

• 10 Songs added
to the top 20

4 Songs Used For
Radio Commercials
(See Discography)

Charted in Top
10 for Over 13
Months Straight in

Completed Radio
Internship 2004

Several Songs
Produced  Adding
Vocals which
Collaborated with
other artists.